The Myths About Liposuction

liposuction Chances are you’ve heard of liposuction. It is one of the most popular plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures in the world. Nearly 20% of all plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures are liposuction procedures. But what do you know about one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the world? Did you know that you can have liposuction done on different areas of the body, for example? When it comes to plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures, but especially when it comes to liposuction procedures, there is a lot of information out there, some true, some not. To help bring clarity, we at the Cosmetic Surgical Group have compiled the common myths about liposuction. If you’re considering getting a liposuction procedure or want to know more about the procedure, keep reading!


Liposuction Is Used To Lose Weight

While liposuction procedures may help you lose that is not their goal. In fact, liposuction candidates are those who are already in the midst of dieting and exercising; or who have already taken steps to be living a healthy lifestyle. Experts recommend that those who do get liposuction are already within 30% of their ideal weight range.

Liposuction Recovery Takes A Long Time And Is Incredibly Painful

As liposuction procedures are surgical procedures, there is an associated recovery time and pain and discomfort that can be expected of surgery. However, due to consistent advances in liposuctions, now, more than ever, from a recovery, efficacy, and cost perspective, is the best time to get a liposuction. The whole recovery process may be easier than you expect. Make sure to speak to our team to learn what to expect for your specific case.

There Is An Age Limit To Getting Liposuction

There is no age limit to getting liposuction! There have been people older than 60 that have gotten the procedure with great results! Though there are other aspects to good candidacy, a main aspect of being a good candidate is if you are in good enough health to undergo the rigors of surgery and recovery

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